Juice Night Out - Disco Avenger by Wes Smith, Cole Vassallo, More Than Friends, GloboyTV

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Yo friends, Juice Night Out - Disco Avenger is on the loose. Psyched to have this original tune hit the streets along with a few hometown players on remix duties. Scoop it up and make us winners;)

Official blurbage: Wes Smith lays down some fresh smoked beats soaked in analog style rhythms with a nod to the disco era and a punchy, wobbly, bassline. Cole Vassallo & More Than Friends bring the San Diego heat with floor filling remixes headed for a home in the main floor crates. Cool motion graphics from our west side pal GloboyTV.






Wes Smith

Wes Smith is an electronic music DJ and Producer based out of San Diego, CA. With nearly 500 releases spread across his imprint Juice Recordings, Punks Music, IBWT, Need Money, Dog Eat Dog and numerous others, he is a Beatport top ranked artist, track and label head across 5 genres, including multiple #1's.With o cial support from The Crystal Method, Dub Pistols, Lady Waks & Krafty Kuts his music is heard on major dance oors and radio programs around the world. His recent live shows include domestic and international events dropping main oor sets that run the genre game with edgy beats, bass and vocals.

Cole Vassallo

Cole Vassallo is a staple of the San Diego underground circuit. His sets are the embodiment of his interests, fusing the sounds of deep tech and tech house.

"I was thrilled when asked if I would like to do a remix for Wes Smith. He has accomplished a great deal as an artist and I respect him very much as a person.”

Juice Recordings is a fantastic label. I couldn't be more excited to be part of the Juice Squad!"

More Than Friends

Michael Clementi aka More Than Friends prides himself on bringing non stop energy to his sets and production. He has created a party tech sound that starts at 1,000 watts and ends at WTF where am I and why am I sweating energy? This remix is no different. The mutton chop master, Wes Smith, has been an idol to MTF since he started producing at the ripe age of 18. The stakes were high, but we knew he could deliver, and deliver he did.


GloboyTV is how I see the world. A whimsical reflecting kaleidoscope. Earlier this year I created a laser cut acrylic Multi layer mirror, called: S🌞N of Globoy. One night sitting by the fire I discovered the art of reflection. from a pile of files buried deep in my hard drive (Brain) using FCP, I started to create video files which I play on my 84” screen, using my projector. I position a camera from the perfect perspective to see a 360° reflection onto my laser cut mirror. Once I have achieved that perfect perspective, I record what is being Projected and reflected. The end result is what you see.