It's Wes Smith Yo - The Album | Available Monday March 2nd

It's that time, for a new album from Wes Smith.  We have all sorts of cool things happening for the launch of the album and tour.  We already had the scavenger hunt and their will be lot's of other contest throughout the next few months.  If you live on Facebook, join the event [Click Here] to help share the love.  We also have a special page set up for the most current official news, audio, and links to all the fun.

Channelling the life aquatic, Wes invites you to join him and his magic fugu for a journey into deep bass. With a proper album, exploring the currents of his mind, there's a seat reserved for you to float among his jelly fish friends as you feel the funk, roll out to the club, and rave on.  Check out the album art below, and hit the link to stay updated on all the shenanigans.