Positive Vibez, EP - Out Today!

It’s all about some positive vibes on this multi-track trip into the Ragga side of Wes Smith’s brain.  Kick it off with the mid-tempo beats of “Hold Out Gal”, rolled tight in lyrical flow. Then, send it up in smoke with the up-tempo bass heavy flava of “Shake Ya Body”. JR1525_PositiveVibezEP_565

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It’s Wes Smith Yo - The Album | Remixed Volume One...Out Today!

Remixing the life aquatic, Wes Smith invites you to join him and his magic fugu for a journey into deep bass.  With a proper remix album, exploring the currents of twelve established and on-the-rise producers’ minds, Wes Smith reserves a seat for you to float among his jellyfish friends as you feel the funk, roll out to the club, and rave on... Drop the low end and press Play! JR1524_IWSY_TheAlbumRemixedVolumeOne, #ElectronicDanceMusic, #JuiceRecordings, #TheJuiceSquad, #ItsJuiceYo, #ItsWesSmithYo, #Califunkya, #VarietyShyo, #EDM, #UDM, #BassMusic, #Electro, #Club, #Funk, #FunkBass, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #Booty

FEATURED REMIXERS: Blacklist, Colombo, Dubaxface, F-Word, DJ Hero, Jagger & Gyra, Mike Smooth, Omega Squad, Phat Kidz, Rob Analyze, DJ Rob-E, Strange Rollers & Bad Habit. 


[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/175225966" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="350" iframe="true" /]

"Right About Now" by Wes Smith | Original + Remix by BumpR StickR - Available 10/12/15

“Right About Now” get ready to experience funky beats, classic rave synths, and a vocal wrapped build-up that drops into a signature floor wreckin’ bassline drop from Wes Smith. On the flip, BumpR StickR applies the stomp factor with a Dutch fueled Baltimore Club vibe. JR1520_RightAboutNow_565, #ElectronicDanceMusic, #JuiceRecordings, #TheJuiceSquad, #ItsJuiceYo, #ItsWesSmithYo, #IWSY, #BumpRStickR,#EDM, #UDM, #BassMusic, #Electro, #Club, #Funk, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #Booty, #Rave

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"I See You" by F-Word | Original + Wes Smith's Calipunkya Remix (Released 9/28/15)

With “I See You”, Moscow’s F-Word comes correct with his second banger on Juice Recordings.  A smooth breakbeat and clean piano synth breakdown set this one up while a Moby-esque vocal stab turns the corner into a moody roll out.  Wes Smith brings up the flip side with his rolling Calipunkya style bass.

#jr1519, #ISeeYou, #JuiceRecordings, #TheJuiceSquad, #ItsJuiceYo, #ItsWesSmithYo, #Calipunkya, #F-Word, #EDM, #UDM, #Electro, #Club, #Funk, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #Booty, #Bass, #Rave

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/149583232" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="350" iframe="true" /]

Rob Analyze of Jamvana hits Wiggle 9/19 with Wes Smith, Omega Squad and SpeakerGhost

BOOM! Thought it was over after Burning Man? Nope, Agent 137 continues her missions to talk with industry leaders to gather important intelligence. This intelligence is meant to bridge Wes Smith's audiences together with knowledge of what other promoters/labels/artists are doing in other parts of the country and around the world. This particular mission was to speak with Robert E. Leigh (Rob Analyze), owner of Jamvana, to hear what he is doing with this project and hype up this weekend's Wiggle in San Diego: Wiggle - Analyze

Who is Rob Analyze?


What is Jamvana?

Jamvana started as a music retailer in 2008 and in 2011 we began to focus on becoming a content platform to deliver content to music retailers. We have about 400 labels and 1000 artists that we do artist & label branding focus. Our focus is on marketing in motion and revenue and we are always going toward the cutting edge of what is next.

What is next for Jamvana?

We are focusing on development, creating apps, VST Plugins and also becoming a leader in the sample pack world.

jamvana3Tell me why streaming is the future:

It's changed from 10 years ago. You used to be able to throw a tune on Beatport and sell 1000 units. It's become over saturated with producers and it's just not as easy to find good music as it was before plus attention spans are shorter so the life of a tune is much shorter. Also apps like Spotify and being able to DJ off a stream has changed the game. We want to push good artists on a quality stream to both monetize for us/them and give the music consumer a better product. We can also then move to app growth, license it out and then offer quality customer support.



How did Jamvana and Wes start working together?

We love what Wes is doing and want to help him succeed. Juice Recordings is one of our first labels and Wes as an artist that is on point with every aspect of his game right now. Juice is doing everything a label should be doing and more . It's hard for an artist to accomplish what he has (and continues to do so) and it's what we look for as a company and ally in the industry.

Robert is the owner of Jamvana and is also known as the artist Rob Analyze. He has been a part of the scene for years and is heavily involved in several projects in addition to Jamvana. You can check him out at Wiggle this weekend in San Diego and if you are not in the area, click below and check out his Soundcloud.



Thank you for your input, Robert- we appreciate what you do for our scene to make it better and look forward to what you bring to is in the future.

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