Burning Man

It's Wes Smith Yo @ YouTopia, Oct 19-22nd, 2017 (San Diego, CA)

It's time for Dystopia 2017, Spectrum of Reality, San Diego’s official Burning Man regional event—a 4-day camping and arts regional burn celebrating the culture and principles of Burning Man.

You can catch me with our good friends of the Monarch Metamorphosis Camp  "spectrums of time" where we will take a journey through time as we warp the spectrums of reality.

Experience the historical future setting of the Monarch Metamorphosis Camp and enjoy such attractions as: The Back In The Future "spectrums of time" sound stage, Whisker in Time - Bill & Ted's Historic / Future phone booths (interactive art piece), "Back for the First Time" a replica of the original monarch pyramid time warp kitchen, bar & water bar with specialty pizza port brew.

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It's Wes Smith Yo @ Burning Man 2017

Yo friends, time to burn;)  After spending 2 weeks with Big Imagination building a 747 Jumbo Jet with some of the most awesome people on the planet...the gates are open for another year of stellar fun and music.  Buckle your seatbelt and put up your tray tables for the next leg of the magic carpet ride.  Here's where you can find me in Black Rock City for the 2017 shenanigans.  Oh, and I am camped out with Big Imagination @ 2:30/G (camp street H/Boing Drive), swing by and look for the Yo Fish;)  See you in the Dust! ++++

Date: Sunday (Night), 2017-08-27, Duck Pond

Time: 1p-2:30p

Location: 9:00/I

Date: Tuesday Night, 2017-08-29, Dusty Rhino

Time: 2:00a to 3:30a

Location: Art Car, moving target

Date: Thursday Night, 2017-08-31, Slut Garden

Location: 9:15/Esplanade

Time: 11:59pm

Date: Friday Night, 2017-09-01, Gonzo Village

Location: 2:00/D,

Time: 12:00AM

Date: Saturday (Burn Night), 2017-09-02, Dirty Beetles

Location: Bugaloo Art Car (moving target)

Time: 9-10p

Date: Saturday (Burn Night), 2017-09-02, Slut Garden

Location: 9:15/Esplanade

Time: 12:00AM (tag set w/Dot Diggler)

The Wes Smith Variety ShYo Episode #33 w/ Special Guest Jeff Olsen (Dot Diggler)

This week on the Wes Smith Variety ShYo we have a very special guest, Jeff Olsen aka Dot Diggler. The force is strong with this one, from the famed Slut Garden at Burning Man and now his Fraktured tour, Dot is character that we look forward to chatting with this week. The Variety ShYo is based in San Diego, CA. I talk with real people I like that I’ve met through the music business, about real things, in real time, with no edits.


Stay classy, Yo!

https://soundcloud.com/dj-dot www.facebook.com/dot.digglerits

Burning Man Essentials, Ropes and Knots Yo!

Yo friends...as we all get ready to burn, you most likely have been introduced to a plethora of checklists.  One of the things I never see on those lists is rope and how to tie knots.  Going on my 4th trip to Black Rock City, believe me when I tell you if I had a penny for every time a rope and knot would have solved someones problem or prevented injury at Burning Man, I'd be on my own island right now.
With a good rope, you can secure shade structures & tents, make a swing, tow a vehicle and tie down lots of things that might fall on someone (or just tie someone up;) it's your call.  Ropes are typically less expensive, more versatile and longer lasting than those nylon straps and ratchets, which, lets face it often end up rusted or stuck.  A simple rope and knot can be quick to setup, and super easy to take down, especially when you are sun burned, partied out and half your crew left without saying goodbye.
The knots I have found most useful on the playa are Half Hitch, Overhand, Bowline, and Truckers Hitch.  Below you can find a link to one of my favorite sites that teaches you how to tie these using animations and videos.
Enjoy the Ride;)

It's Wes Smith Yo! @ Rhino Love (San Francisco) February 11th, 2017

The Dusty Rhino is coming out of holiday hibernation ready to spread more love, art and amazing music. Bring those big hearts and dancing shoes and get ready to show Cupid how Valentine's Day is done.

With Wes Smith, Alvaro Bravo (Dusty Rhino), Clarkie (Dusty Rhino), DJ Dane (Dusty Rhino), NUGZ (Dusty Rhino), ShOOey (Space Cowboys), Eric Riggsbee (FAULTLINE), Deckard (Space Cowboys), Ding Dong (Brass Tax), Lushbunny (NUTZ- LA) & Mystik (The Loomii).

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