Interview w/Julian Cortez aka Phat Rabbit of Square Pegs [Charlotte NC)

Aloha many of you know I just wrapped up a really fun show in Charlotte, NC.  As a follow up to that I thought I'd pick up where we left off on last years tour related interviews and catch up with some of the awesome people that bring me around the planet.  Check out the interview of Julian Cortez aka Phat Rabbit of Square Pegs in Charlotte, NC. Interview and words by the one and only Kelly Ross / Agent 137.

These Are The Breaks

Tell me about the beginnings of Square Pegs and how you became a production company:

Square Pegs have been together for the last 2-3 years. I started it with Dat Boy Fletch and we have two other DJs affiliated (Mac & Mad Monk). I made a decision 5 years ago after living in Fayetteville to move to Charlotte. I thought I would be going to breaks shows every weekend and that turned out not to be the case. To make up for that I partnered up with Fletch and started a monthly called "Bump" at Crown Station.

Square Pegs is a different focus on breakbeat a "be there or be square" branding. I have been djing for 25 years now and breaks are my love. We wanted to bring the focus back to breaks because it seemed like every time I went out it it was all house. Even at the house events when someone would drop breaks its so damn funky ALL the girls would start to shake their assses.  There are a lot of big name guys out there playing breaks too. When they pepper it in, it just explodes.

What is the Wes Smith connection?

I have heard about Wes now for a few years now. His progression in the last 2 years has been EXPLODING. Square Pegs had been doing some really greats shows and we decided to move the bookings up a notch. Wes had always been in the conversation because of his diversity. He makes it funky on some stuff, his Punks stuff is super bassy and he knows how to read a crowd. He may take it left or take it right - to me that's a smart DJ/person.

These Are The Breaks 2

What's next for Square Pegs?

June 10th we are bringing in DJ Icey - fortunately, we have been able to reach out to the younger crowd. Icey is notorious for doing that as well - he is still touring to Chicago, Texas, Florida and really all over to big crowds because of his ability to keep current.

Any final thoughts?

I don't like the arrogance of some DJ's/producers, in fact, we have passed on booking a bunch of people because of their arrogance. We booked Wes for a reason and we really appreciate him coming to Charlotte for the Square Pegs show.

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These Are the Breaks, April 23rd Charlotte, NC

Hey hey all...stoked to be dropping the bass bombs this weekend in Charlotte along some great djs.  Check it out... Square Pegs is back with their very successful series THESE ARE THE BREAKS.

These Are The Breaks



----------------------------------------------------- 11 Djs with 2 areas of sound -----------------------------------------------------


18 and up // 9pm - 2:30am // Free Parking // Drink Specials

Facebook Event

L4 LOUNGE 2906 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC