Cole Vassalo

Juice Day Out 04: Bayside Free Bass'n


Juice Day Out brings together fun people and some of San Diego’s finest national, regional & local DJs for daytime dancing and social shenanigans. Come on out!

Deejays: Cole Vassallo, Evlo, Matty Ladd and Wes Smith anchor the party with guests. We feature locals (and occasionally an international passer by) that are active, creative, hard working, passionate and great at what they do.

Vibes: You bring those, but hey, everything we do usually has one foot in the desert and one foot in the club, everyone’s invited.

Sound: Hi-fidelity sound by Bomb Shelta. These kids put the bump in the trunk.

Venue: Campland on the Bay. We have a sweet pavillion and dance floor about 50 yards from the water.

Food: There is a restaurant 10 feet from us where you can lounge and soak in the day.

Drinks: There is a tiki bar right behind us too, where you can soak in tasty adult (nor not) beverages.

Time: We get rolling right about when you crawl out of bed from last night and need that bloody mary, glass of tequila or whiskey and pickles.

Attire: Beach culture attire, pajamas, furry boots & shorts, or whatever you are wiling to be seen wearing in public. Anything creatively aquatic is encouraged and for this one, all your new Burning Man gifts;)

Ticketing: This one is FREE

Ages: Any age is welcome, but if you are under 21 you can not be served or sit at the bars.

But What About? Any other questions…post up on the event discussion;)

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