It’s Wes Smith Yo – The Album Remixed Vol 2 : Mutantbreakz Interview

Hello to a great start, first up in the interview series, my good pals Mutantbreakz from Spain. Interview by Kelly Ross/Agent 137.

Tell us - who are you?

We are Ruben & Angel aka MutantBreakz - both DJs & Producers from the South of Spain.


Please give me a brief background on your dj/production experience:

It's the most beautiful experience to be able to play with your own creations in different parts of the world and meet good friends at the same time.

Tell us which remix you did for the IWSY remix album:

Funk Train

[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="300" iframe="true" /]

What made you choose this particular song?

We thought the song had the same ingredients as our style. In this remix we tried to recreate it with some funky breaks that sounded fresh and fun for the dance floor. We are always trying to do something different.

What is your Wes Smith connection?

Our first connection Wes was on the internet and we worked on his previous remix album. After our US tour I (Angel) had the pleasure of meeting him in person, he is a fun and friendly with a touch of madness. A story to tell as to say that the first night I met him in Miami he took us to a karaoke but did not have the pleasure of seeing him sing.

What's next for MutantBreakz?

We dedicated our time to our tour in Florida and now we are back in Spain. We have already begun to finish new projects for our label and also another big label. We think it's best not to reveal anything at the moment, it isn't it better to get surprises?

Mutant Breakz 3

Is there anything you would like to talk about that has not already been mentioned?

We loved to see Wes on the Red Bull tour and those Wes Smith sideburns!!!

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It's Wes Smith Yo - The Album Remixed Vol 1 : DJ Smooth Interview

Hey hey friends, today I'm kicking off the interview series for my forthcoming remix album.  First up is DJ Smooth out of Orlando.   I met up with Mike about 6 months back b/w of the Funky Flavor crew who brought me out in the summer.   He recently reworked "Hands Up" and then had a nice chat with our head field agent about all things BASS...  Peep the interview below... Interview by Kelly Ross | Agent 137

Tell me about your start: I started the Scratch Academy in Miami about 4 years ago where I learned the basics on vinyl, etc for 6 months and then I moved to Orlando.

How did you come to do a remix for this album? I met Scotty Frazier [Funky Flavor Breakbeat Culture] and I showed Scotty a few projects so Scotty introduced me to Wes Smith and he hit me up to do a remix.

What’s the DJ Smooth spin on the remix? My style brings in electro and trap elements with a breaks flavor.

Smooth logo

What else are you working on right now? Goldillox [Danielle Wells] and I have a new project called HYPER MONK3Y and we have about 20 tracks together already. We are looking to drop that closer to the Winter Music Conference in Miami, it’s really high energy and a lot of fun. Also, I have another collab with a friend in Tampa we just did a show together for Halloween as HardCastle & McCormick. We work really well together and have a darker trap style.


Thank you, Mike! Good luck on your new projects, the release and see you in Miami in March.

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