Sonic Runway

Hello Burning Man 2016

Like Charlie Bucket with that Golden Ticket...only it's me with that DaVinci paper...It's time to burn baby burn!  Stoked to be included in some nutty shows this year.  See you in the Dust;)


And yes, the Jellyfish, dubbed Squint & Wowzer are in tow, making their Burning Man debut.  Big shout to Kodiak and Brack for making the a reality b/w of the Serendipity regional burn.


Monday Night

12 to 6AM, Airpusher/Misdemeanor, w/ALL the Talent and Opening Night Feels

Airpusher 2

Tuesday Night

3AM, Dusty Rhino, w/Tim the Enchanter, Left/Right, Nugz, Deekliine, Icon, Wes Smith

Wednesday Day

2PM, Space Cowboys Saloon, w/Tamo, Erik Hz, All B, FK5 Ft. Qdup, Deckard

Space Cowboys

Wednesday Night

3AM, Get Low @ Sonic Runway w/Smile High Club, Pearl Necklace, Steampunk Airship

Sonic Runway

Thursday Night

9PM, Charlie the Unicorn, w/Friskie Business, 2Tight, FK5 Ft. Qdup, All Good Funk Alliance, The Funk Hunters, Neighbour Charlie Charlie 2

Saturday Night

12-3, Janky Barge, Tag team w/ICON, Deekline, Left/Right