Wes Smith's Hot Mess Q & A w/DJ Fixx out of Tampa, FL

DJ Fixx...takes a few minutes from his run for president to drop a short but sweet chat in another episode of East meets West breakbeat action.  I met Fixx @ a gig in New York City some time in the mid 2000's.  Aside from being the undisputed smasher of the Beatport Breaks chart action for the Hot Mess The Album Remixed project...b/w of his remix of Ohhh Yeahhh Feat. Shana Rockit...he's a brilliant producer and always a constant inspiration.  Check the iLL-ustration, words and sounds below. Artist_DjFixx, JuiceRecordings, TheJuiceSquad, WesSmith, WhiteBoyAwesome, DirtyKicks, BumpRStickR, LowEndHustler, DubleTime, SuperSoulFighter, StickyBumps, #BringBackThatFunk, #HotMessGoesBoom, #JuiceHeads, #FriendsInLowPlaces, #858FunkBass, #Califunkya, #JuiceDrops, #CampCharlie, #CampCharlieLove, #Unicorns, #UnicornMagic, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #EDM, #UDM

Q: What are a few things you would like people to know about you?

A: I am a producer that is always evolving. I think sitting in the same pocket or same sound is why some producers get left in the dust. U have to stay current…and I pride myself on that…

Q: Where can people find you on the Interwebs?

A: Everywhere lol… I keep my Soundcloud and Facebook Band page meticulously updated. Soundcloud | Facebook

Q: What is your favorite track you produced?

A: That is a question for me that is always hard to answer.  I always like the newer stuff more than the older stuff but if I had to choose favorites, Middle Finger, Trust Your Gut, Shake It Naughty, and Major Malfunction are some of my all time favs.

Q: Any secrets you want to share about your studio setup/techniques?

A: Use a template…make it yourself but use it to start each tune.  It can cut out hours of tedious routing and bussing work that u have to do for each tune.

Q: How much time do you spend in the studio each week?

A: 50-60 hours.

Q: Do you have a favorite or memorable show/gig?

A: I love playing everywhere but if I had to pick I would say anywhere in Cali…some of the most loyal fans out there and the parties are still massive.

Q: Do you Prefer Turntables, CDJ’s or Controllers?


Q: How do you prep for a show/gig?

A: Always burn fresh CDs for each gig…and rest up…it's going to be a long night.

Q: Any shout outs to Producers, Deejays, Crews, Pets?

A: Shout out to my daughter's 4 fish who I have to take care of cause she is too little.

Q: Favorite Color & Food?

A: Color - Black, Food - Alfredo

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Thanks for sharing with us dude!