Wes Smith's Hot Mess Q & A w/Splitloop from Dublin

Splitloop, the incredibly talented and globally recognized purveyors of breaks take a minute or five to tell us a bit about themselves and drop a few nuggets of know how, humor and inspiration.   They recently worked out a wicked remix of Hot Mess for the Hot Mess The Album Remixed project, which for me was on the upper levels of excitement of say...having Carl Sagan (RIP) drop by for lunch.  Check out the chat w/Phil & Bren below. Artist_Splitloop, JuiceRecordings, TheJuiceSquad, WesSmith, WhiteBoyAwesome, DirtyKicks, BumpRStickR, LowEndHustler, DubleTime, SuperSoulFighter, StickyBumps, #BringBackThatFunk, #HotMessGoesBoom, #JuiceHeads, #FriendsInLowPlaces, #858FunkBass, #Califunkya #JuiceDrops #CampCharlie, #CampCharlieLove, #Unicorns, #UnicornMagic #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #EDM, #UDM #Splitloop

Q: What are a few things you would like people to know about you?

A: Splitloop have been around since 2003, released 2 albums and a glut of singles, and have played around the world.

Q: Where can people find you on the Interwebs?

A: Soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com/splitloop), Facebook (www.facebook.com/splitloop), Twitter (@Splitloop)

Q: What is your favorite track you produced?

A: Bren: This changes, have a few, for me probably Frequency Rebel.  Phil: Yeah for me it’s probably Frequency Rebel or Method One (VIP Edit)

Q: Any secrets you want to share about your studio setup/techniques?

A: Phil: Nothing really special about the setup.  Ableton Live running a bunch of synths and plugins which go bleep and bloop through some speakers.  I’m a firm believer that it’s not what gear you have, it’s how well you know it and how much time you put into it.  Don’t be one of those guys with a million plugins and every bit of gear you can see in some producer’s studio on Youtube.  Build your setup piece by piece, getting to know what you have 100% before adding something else.  In the long run it means you’ll be able to make whatever sounds you want because you know how to use the tools at your disposal.  Not clicking through presets hoping to hear a sound that you like.  Having said that though, I’ve spent a small fucking fortune on synths and speakers ;)

Q: How much time do you spend in the studio each week?

A: Way too much time. Probably a solid 40 hours.

Q: Do you have a favorite or memorable show/gig?

A: Phil:  Has to be our first time playing Fabric. I nearly puked before going on.  Bren:  Fabric room 1 or else playing live for Annie Knightingale in Berlin on Radio 1

Q: Do you Prefer Turntables, CDJ’s or Controllers?

A: Phil: For DJing I prefer CDJs. I never really thought I’d prefer them to turntables, but it just feels more natural playing on them now. Bren: Like DJing but it's turn tables for that and love playing live so depends.  They are both different, a live set probably more rewarding if done right as it's all your stuff.

Q: How do you prep for a show/gig?

A: Phil:  Extremely well. If you’re unfamiliar or unpracticed with a set, it just means if something goes even slightly awry you’ll have a panic on stage, which is not fun. It’s unfair to punters who have paid good money to support you to do anything other than play a blinder.  Bren: Word, to our credit we always prepare really well for any set.

Q: Any shout outs to Producers, Deejays, Crews, Pets?

A: Shout out to all the bedroom producers out there, hoping it’ll happen some day.  The first time you feel your chest shake in a club or a festival with a beat that you made is a serious high.  So keep it up and keep the quality control high.

Q: Favorite Color & Food?

A: Phil:  Brown M&Ms, Bren:  I like colours and food

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Thanks lads, so stoked for the remix and really fun getting to chat a bit.