Wobble Recap w/DJ Icey, Omega Squad, Diva Danielle & Adia Break b/w of San Diego

Oh what fun it was!  Goodtimes catching up with my homie from the other coast DJ Icey!  What a special time for me rockin' the decks again with one of my all time inspirations and early supporters.   The night kicked off right with San Diego's Adia Break from 1200 Hustle Crew followed up by and hour of groovy bangers by LA's Diva Danielle.  I met Diva at my first Burn, she also happens to be the fearless leader of #CampCharlie. Event_Wobble_DJIcey_Flyer, JuiceRecordings, TheJuiceSquad, WesSmith, WhiteBoyAwesome, DirtyKicks, BumpRStickR, LowEndHustler, DubleTime, SuperSoulFighter, StickyBumps, #JuiceRecordings, #JuiceHeads, #ItsWesSmithYo, #BringBackThatFunk, #Califunkya, #HotMessGoesBoom, #CampCharlie, #California, #SanDiego, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #EDM, #UDM

Gittin' into the second half, Omega Squad rocked the funky beats until the don of breaks himself dropped the bombs for a straight hour and a half.  I rounded out the night with a couple Juicy heaters.  Big ups to the Wobble crew for making this happen!  Couple photos and some Soundcloud refs below.

Peep all the friends on Soundcloud.  DJ Icey, Omega Squad, Diva Danielle, Adia Break, and yours truly, Wes Smith!